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.puters-and-Technology In today’s hot new energy vehicles, lithium iron phosphate as one of the four cathode materials in lithium powered vehicles, has be.e a hot concept. From Europe and the United States a few large multinational .panies said it has a lithium iron phosphate core technology patents, they played the Battle of the patent. Moreover, recently there has to media reports, the Phostech .panies from Canada, China battery manufacturers negotiations, and proposed the "entry fee" of $ 10 million, jvc bn-vf815 camcorder battery to produce one ton of lithium iron phosphate cross the demanding requirements of 2500 U.S. dollars. It appears that the lithium iron phosphate prematurely placed high hopes, the experts pointed out that the lithium iron phosphate battery is not an effective solution of the electric vehicle. The lithium iron phosphate can not be the main motive power for the future of new energy vehicles. Lithium-ion battery cathode materials have four, lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide and ternary materials. From the single cell voltage, lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide and other materials is much lower, low energy density of lithium iron phosphate battery system volume, large-scale use may not be appropriate, need to do more technical demonstration. . In recent years, new energy vehicle market is booming development. The data show that in 2012, China will form a new energy automobile production capacity of 500,000 bicycles the average estimates of 20,000 yuan battery (considering the hybrid and pure electric vehicles), the domestic automotive battery market could .paq nx9000 series battery reach 10 billion yuan, equivalent to the current lithium battery market size increase of 1 times. By 2020, the new energy vehicles, driven by global automotive battery market demand will be over 200 billion yuan. It is undeniable that China will usher in a golden opportunity for the rapid development of vehicle power battery industry. In contrast, in the hottest new energy vehicle market behind the battery technology is increasingly being put on the agenda. At present, China’s new energy vehicle development layout showing a pure electric vehicles, fuel cell and hybrid vehicles to keep pace with the situation. Pure electric vehicles currently on the market use the battery nickel metal hydride batteries, lead acid batteries and lithium batteries. It should be said that the technology of all kinds are not good enough, there are some flaws, many laboratories and enterprises are still on this continuous sony dsc-w50 camera battery improvement. Whole, lithium also a security issue. Regardless of the lithium manganese oxide or lithium iron phosphate, and also in terms of cycle life, reliability, security, charge and discharge performance of a variety of defects. As a result, the lithium iron phosphate fanatical part reflects the mentality of the majority of Chinese enterprises. The premise of a technology is not yet mature, the more effort and money spent on technology research, choosing instead to quickly launched, this is really a waste of resources. In addition, the quality of the domestic lithium and abroad there is a big gap, the main mode of production decisions. Chinese enterprises mechanization and automation with overseas difference between a great many of which are handmade. A battery is also not out of hundreds of cells in series in a very obvious difference. The quality gap is the consistency of the battery. From raw material to product, there are a lot of processes. A number of different quality products are not the same. 100 cells, the two may not be good. This is the mode of production, not a year or two can make up. Can not guarantee that consistency is a big problem. In this way do mobile phone battery can, because of the small capacity of mobile phone batteries. An electric car to open 150 km, the storage capacity of 15 kilowatt-hour, 20-kWh battery pack, cell phone batteries may be a watt, which is equivalent to 1.5 times. Most of our businesses to use mechanical and manual, the consistency level is not high. Now the yield is very low. There are many .panies to promote lead-acid batteries, but due to pollution and high This feature makes this product not to be optimistic about the development of more than a helpless feeling. Of lead refining, battery manufacturing, pollution in the process of recycling batteries have only car in the road when there is no pollution d3000 nikon battery grip . Therefore we can not say this is clean energy. Lead-acid battery technology is not a worthwhile promotion. Lead-acid batteries in China, 45% yield, Europe and the United States, but not producing and not recycling, pollution in China. In contrast, fuel cells, many experts look for direction, there are also many international giants continue to be force in this area. The fuel cell is a hydrogen and oxygen in the air through an electrochemical process .bine to form water and generate electricity, power generation equipment. Fuel cells work without .bustion, no moving parts, high energy conversion efficiency (actual efficiency in the use of ordinary internal .bustion engines of 2 to 3 times), noise-free, long operating life, high reliability, maintenance and good benefits; it only a product of the water, truly meet the clean, renewable requirements. .e out from a first fuel cell vehicle in 1994 is now just ten years time, technology is developing very rapidly. Practical action to show that the various countries of the world the development of fuel cell technology development of fuel cell vehicles to give a very high concern. Toyota has announced that the first fuel cell vehicles will be available in 2015. In September last year, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Ford, General Motors, Daimler, Kia and other well-known car .panies jointly issued a statement called on Governments to build more hydrogen fuel infrastructure in 2015. If this goal can be achieved, since 2015 hundreds of thousands of hydrogen-powered vehicles will gradually achieve .mercial production worldwide. Although the cost of fuel the car is very high, but this is truly meet the cleanliness standards of technology, industry insiders believe that expanding production scale sony np-qm91d camcorder battery , cost reduction is only a matter of time. At the same time, the hydrogen safety issue has be.e the focus of everyone is worried, Zi-Feng Ma replied, technology research efforts on hydrogen safety issues around the world, hydrogen as an important petrochemical, metallurgical and pharmaceutical industries raw materials, storage and transportation arrangements already have a good solution. 973 project team is participating in national and international standards to develop vehicle hydrogen storage, hydrogen cylinder laboratory has reached 70 MPa, about the .mercial use of just 35 MPa, the safety factor is greatly improved. In addition, the hydrogen source is diversified. In Shanghai, the peak power difference great summer power supply is relatively tight, while the wealthy supply of electricity in the Spring and Autumn, the use of peak and valley electricity into hydrogen electrolysis. Shanghai Baosteel, Shanghai Petrochemical and other large hp 6930p laptop AC adapter enterprises, hydrogen is already a large-scale byproducts, so that future prospects are very broad. The innovation of new energy vehicles is bound to promote the widening of the battery technology eos 60d canon battery grip . The future of fuel cells and batteries, fuel cells and capacitors be .bined, .bine the advantages of both, is a good direction. Design power rating of the fuel cell by the electrochemical reaction of hydroxide restricting its output power is stable, such as the load of 60 kW fuel cell car, slow down or stop the fuel cell is always at work, then more on When the car is accelerating or climbing, the fuel cell power can not be turned into 70 kilowatts from 60 kilowatts to charge storage devices, this storage devices to supplement, this .bination is conducive to the improvement of dynamic performance. In short, to choose some direction, to more cutting-edge place. For example, we and the University of Michigan study lithium – air battery technology, this is relatively far away, take 15 years will have a big development. New energy vehicle technology is very diverse, and should not be all eyes are focused on the battery itself. The new concept of energy must be wide, wide concept have new ideas. Maybe in the near future be able to find a new liquid fuel, instead of methanol and ethanol. Another example is the wireless power supply technology to the aspire 5710 battery car. Although the long-distance applications there are certain issues, but the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2007 can be lit by this technique two meters outside the 60 watt bulb, which gives people unlimited reverie. The future, wireless power technology and the car might be a viable option, save the plug and cumbersome steps. New energy vehicles is undoubtedly the future direction of development may be after 50 years is the traditional diesel lo.otives fade out of the stage of history when. The development of new energy vehicles to broaden thinking to blind initiation of production, not staring at an immature technology. Can not help but look at the market on the project, only for the research funding, for state subsidies. Japan’s Toyota samsung st50 camera battery , Honda and other manufacturers like one day in ten years of painstaking research a technology, once mature, and vigorously market, other .panies only far behind to catch up. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: