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Without heating up to 18 DEG C temperature does not reach a refund difficult self testing cannot refund – Beijing in late November, a number of provinces have been officially heating. Reporter inventory heating regulations found that Hebei, Shandong, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and other provinces clear, heating season room temperature standards need to be more than 18 degrees celsius. The "measures" Beijing city heating system management does not specify the number of room temperature, but noted that the heating period, to meet the current national norms of residential design requirements of residential, residential heating units should ensure that users bedroom, living room (Hall) at room temperature in accordance with the current national residential design specifications and temperature requirements. According to the 2012 implementation of the "residential design code", set the heating system of ordinary residential indoor heating temperature, bedroom, living room (Hall) and the toilet shall not be less than 18 degrees C. Many also stipulates that when the room temperature is not part of the heating fee refund. But reporters found that around how to detect that room temperature and time etc., different refund compensation provisions, in part because the heating temperature is difficult to return, the burden of household problem standard is not clear, want a refund is not easy. The focus of 1 self testing temperature does not reach can not refund the reporter noted that after the formal heating, most users indoor temperature in self testing, but the results of such measurements, become effective evidence apply heating fee in many places can not refund. A number of provinces, the user believes that the room temperature is not up to standard, heating units need to be within the time limit for temperature measurement, the final heating units as the actual temperature measurement. For example, the heat supply in Hebei Province, the provisions of the user that the room temperature is not up to standard, can reflect the heating unit. The latter need to provide temperature measurement services within 12 hours, and signed by both parties confirmed. Because if the heating unit causes room temperature is not reached, according to the contract agreed to refund. Part of the province also provides that before the temperature measurement can be carried out maintenance. Like Liaoning, the temperature is not achieved, the user should first to the local heating unit repair, heating units rectification after 1 times is still not standard, to apply for temperature measurement. Reporters learned that the majority of provinces also stipulates that if the user is controversial for heating unit temperature, to have third party room temperature detection qualification application testing, the measured temperature will become effective evidence. However, this often becomes the first stumbling block room substandard users to apply for a refund". Beijing Tiantongyuan residents Mr. Wang shilly-shally about how to choose the third party inspection agency. Money to find a professional body temperature measurement, to consider the cost of pay. If the cost is too high, not refund money, it will not be considered." Mr. Wang said. It is understood that there are a number of third party room temperature testing institutions in Beijing city quality supervision departments identified. According to reports, the third sides of the basic testing fee unified pricing mechanism, the current check out each time, the cost of a room temperature of 450 yuan, an increase of more than one room to add $40. Focus 2 heating enterprises have a number of terms of exemption heating period, the user room temperature is not standard, nor is it necessarily qualified to apply for heating costs back. The reporter found out, most of the provinces in the relevant provisions of heating, heating enterprises and other units to make Lu相关的主题文章: