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Xi’an managed class operators hope the introduction of uneven in quality norms [Abstract] the children from school early conflict parents work time and the gap in primary and middle school students, especially the students eat lunch and do homework, how to solve the problem? To deal with this problem… The kids from school early, conflict parents work time and space, within the period of primary and middle school students, especially the students eat lunch and do homework, how to solve the problem? To deal with this problem, the parents are helpless under the registration of the children into the class. So, for the custody class, parents how to see? Reporters on the hosting of the service quality, the selection criteria and demands of parents in Xi’an conducted a survey visit. "Do your family, friends, or colleagues sign up for a hosting class?" In the interview, more than 60% of the parents answered yes. In fact, the trusteeship phenomenon is more common, primary and secondary school students, especially the needs of primary school students is very strong. Many parents said that the delivery of the class is helpless. However, for some low-income parents, the child is not assured that the child will be sent to a managed class. Student parent Li Xiansheng: I am also devoted to squeeze out the time, because the current situation, he just started school, there are many things need self-discipline. The process of self-discipline, I understand the situation, the teacher managed basically is to eat and sleep, there is no other constraints of management, so I think under my supervision, at least initially enrolled, under my supervision, develop a good living habits." In addition to Mr. Li, many have been on the high school students though I never visited before hosting classes, but because the burden is heavy, and far from home, so parents need to help find a managed class. Ms. Liu, a student: "look at the place of sleep, how the rest of the sample." Reporter: today is ready to see?" Parents Liu: Well, go and see, the cost of a little bit, this is generally around 500 dollars, and then a little further, may be less children, the environment is better, this month is about $600." The reporter found in the interview, and for hosting classes parents is the most important health and quality of meals, followed by lunch and discipline problems, managed class teacher quality, and whether the managed class registration, if there is a fire facilities, the managed class position, the parents consider fewer. Parents Ms. Zhang: "the key is the child can eat well, sleep well." Strict parents of students: "(managed class) health, as well as eating, such as the body is now long time." Parents Liu: I think the teacher, I will pay attention to a little, that is, the teacher in charge of the class, a little more serious, responsible for a little." How to look at the custody class, for this problem, the reporter also interviewed a number of primary school students, many students said, compared with the boring home directly after school, they prefer to do homework after school and students. In addition to the teacher class, there are even more colorful activities. Pupil Liang Shifeng: lunch discipline is particularly strict, noisy, our teachers will find the first time." There are some students reflect, often hosting classes, meals is a single, very"相关的主题文章: