Xingguo a major drug manufacturing case, two suspects surrender, dreams are

Through a major manufacturing case two suspects surrendered to that dream about being caught Justice Network Ganzhou on 4 November, (reporter Zhang Jianhua) "I don’t want to hide, so often feel alarmed days, I pressed the slow breath, several times at night dreaming of the police to knock on the door to catch me. After the surrender, I now feel a lot easier……" Recently, has been in prison for criminals to pay four (a pseudonym, below) said. In April 2016, the public security organs are fugitives online after more than two years, suspected of illegal trade in toxic substances crime criminals pay four mituzhifan, take the initiative to the Public Security Bureau of Longyan City, Fujian Province, a surrender. Pay four later removed to Xingguo County of Jiangxi Province Public Security Bureau for investigation. In July this year, the case of another three suspects Luo also surrendered the initiative, then it is the solution to investigating Xingguo County Public Security bureau. So far, 2013 in Xingguo County of Jiangxi province with a major criminal cases of illegal trade in manufactured goods, the relevant people involved have been arrested. In August 2013, the big (already sentenced) and Liu two, Luo three. Ephedra and refines the partnership to buy ephedrine to be sold, then the Mouxiang in Xingguo County to find a remote place and the formation of drug manufacturing dens. At the beginning of October 2013, to pay four in the technology of extracting ephedrine by three invitations to the dens, do "technology", and then added five people to do things "". In the arrangement, Luo three, pay four responsible for the management and production guidance, five people will be responsible for processing semi-finished products made of Ephedra ephedrine, after paying four and semi manufactured goods finished refining ephedrine, process is completed. Midway, pay four for failing to get the corresponding reward, leave the dens back home in Fujian, and therefore escaped arrest, fled many years. In December 2013, the County Public Security Bureau received a report from the masses after the drug manufacturing dens to be destroyed, the big five, six people were arrested on the spot at the scene and seized 13 kilograms of crystal ephedrine and ephedra powder is about 17 tons. In August 2014, "a fish escaped through the Seine two in the city of Yongan" principal Liu arrested in Fujian province. After the court trial, the principal, Liu two were sentenced to prison in three years and six months, four years, Cheng Wu and other five accomplice was sentenced to two months a year. In June 2016, pay four suspected illegal trade in manufactured goods is transferred to the procuratorate case in Xingguo County and after examination, the prosecution to the county court in accordance with the law, and in accordance with the law according to its voluntarily surrendered themselves the lenient punishment sentencing suggestion. "Thanks to the prosecutor, I am very calm, I confess, I asked the judge to leniently." The court of first instance, such statements finally pay four. In July 2016, the court of first instance, pay four sentenced to one year. At the beginning of October 2016, Luo three suspected of illegal trade in manufactured goods case transferred to the county procuratorate. The public prosecution department of the hospital after examination, the law finds Luo three illegal trade in manufactured goods crime, public prosecution to the county court in early November, according to the plot to the court lighter sentencing proposal. At present, the case is still in court according to the law.

兴国一重大制毒案两嫌疑人自首 称做梦都梦到被抓   正义网赣州11月4日电 (通讯员 张建华)“我再也不想东躲西藏了,这样担惊受怕的日子,时常压得我缓不过气来,好几回晚上睡觉都梦见警察敲门来抓我。自首之后,我感觉现在轻松了许多……”近日,已在监狱服刑的罪犯付四(化名,下同)如此说道。   2016年4月,在被公安机关网上追逃两年多后,涉嫌非法买卖制毒物品罪的罪犯付四迷途知返,主动向福建省龙岩市某公安分局投案自首。付四随后被移解至江西省兴国县公安局侦查办理。今年7月,该案另一名主要犯罪嫌疑人骆三也主动投案,随后也被移解至兴国县公安局查办。至此,2013年在江西省兴国县境内的一起重大非法买卖制毒物品刑事案件,相关涉案人员均已落网。   2013年8月,巫大(已判刑)与柳二、骆三商议合伙购买麻黄草并从中提炼麻黄素予以销售,随后巫大在兴国县某乡找到一偏僻场所并形成制毒窝点。2013年10月初,懂得提炼麻黄素技术的付四在骆三的邀约下,前来该窝点做“技术”,随后又增加程五等五人来“做事”。在巫大安排下,骆三、付四负责生产管理和工序指导,程五等五人负责将麻黄草加工制作成麻黄素的半成品,之后付四再将半成品提炼出成品麻黄素,工序即完成。中途,付四因未拿到相应报酬,离开该窝点回到福建老家,也因此侥幸逃过抓捕、潜逃多年。   2013年12月,该县公安局接到群众举报后将该制毒窝点予以捣毁,巫大、程五等六人被当场抓获,并在现场查获晶体麻黄碱13千克、麻黄草粉末约17吨。2014年8月,“漏网之鱼”主犯柳二在福建省永安市抓获。经法院审判,主犯巫大、柳二分别被判处三年六个月、四年有期徒刑,从犯程五等五人被判处一年二个月有期徒刑。   2016年6月,付四涉嫌非法买卖制毒物品案移送到兴国县检察院并经审查后,依法向该县法院提起公诉,并依法据其自首情节对其提出从宽处罚的量刑建议。“感谢检察官,我现在坦然得很,我认罪,请求法官对我从轻处理。”一审法庭上,付四最后如此陈述。2016年7月,经法院一审审判,付四被判处一年有期徒刑。   2016年10月初,骆三涉嫌非法买卖制毒物品案移送到该县检察院。该院公诉科经审查后,依法认定骆三构成非法买卖制毒物品罪,于11月初向该县法院提起公诉,并根据其自首情节向法院提出较轻的量刑建议书。   目前,该案正在法院依法审理中。相关的主题文章: