Xinhua News Agency since the media intensified the hand about the

Xinhua News Agency: since the media intensified the hand about the Xinhua news agency in Hangzhou in October 13, WeChat public number by machines to read the amount of brush trying to "pull", tens of dollars can buy tens of thousands of micro-blog "zombie fans", black live has more than and 20 "viewers" don’t…… With WeChat, micro-blog and other media platform more and more integrated into people’s daily life, various media chaos will also become worse. In the face of chaos, the relevant departments should strengthen the management of the fight against the law, and create a healthy and orderly environment of public opinion. The number of public chaos intensified webcast has the potential to catch up according to the supervision of 8744 WeChat public number of domestic media big data company "new list", the recent emergence of obvious sharp drop in the number of public reading several categories, covering many areas of people’s livelihood, automobile, entertainment and so on, which has shrunk the most serious a WeChat car the public number, the end of September the average number of individual reading and reading daily for seven days last week fell 99.85% compared the number of single. Insiders pointed out that these are easy to attract the attention of the public eye to attract gold strong field, but also the most obvious area of the bubble burst. The amount of reading amount of foam brush only bring WeChat public chaos tip of the iceberg. The Internet was the breakdown of the public, the "seven sins", including vulgar content, deliberately spread rumors, fraud, plagiarism, flood inducing sharing, defamatory, spam. Zhongshan University data dissemination laboratory released "two micro end users report" shows that the number of reported from April 2015 to March 2016 in the more than 2 thousand WeChat suspected rumor article study found that the highest proportion of the class of 31.4% false reports. In fact, with the rapid development of the Internet, to bring trouble to people’s lives, far more than the WeChat public number, the recent explosion of red broadcast platform, but also the potential to catch up. According to incomplete statistics, there are 116 known webcast APP has access to financing, but part of the wonderful live and jurisprudence yellow network has also been criticized. Beijing City Cultural law enforcement corps and Beijing Network Cultural Association announced in June 1st a number of violations of the "Beijing Convention" self-discipline network broadcast anchor list, including six rooms, cool, pepper, (star) in the broadcast, Ying guest, 69 show (Jiu Xiu), 40 anchor 9 network unfamiliar street, home, salted egg live broadcast platform, will be permanently banned. The Internet is not outside the law of the urgent need to build the industry integrity mechanism with the development of science and technology, before the mass media must be able to achieve widespread dissemination of information, to rely on the two micro end into public space. But experts pointed out that the network is not outside the law, media operators from compliance with laws and regulations to engage in Internet information services. Professor Zhou Baohua, Fudan University School of journalism, since the media is just a generalization of the "media", specializing in news and information, especially the original news production is actually few, the brand really influential media need to pay, there will be more to promote self-discipline and heteronomy. The government should introduce the relevant laws and regulations, the designated special regulatory authorities, improper network marketing behavior norms and sanctions." Zhejiang.相关的主题文章: