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Xuzhou man 10 seconds to pry open the lock 3 months 70 high-end mountain bike theft crazy car since June this year, a man in Xuzhou to the time in March, more than and 70 high-end mountain bike theft, the value is as high as about 100000. Xuzhou City Kui Shan police station, monitoring can see a man wearing a white peaked cap into the video area, this is suspect, is waiting for the opportunity to start, because wearing a white striped dress next to the girl. After you and the girl left, the suspect start, less than 10 seconds, the car lock is successful open, so that the speed to be struck dumb. You can see the police, he quickly picked a lock, riding a bike quickly left the scene. After investigation, police found the stolen vehicle, almost uniform is a mountain bike, ranging from 1 to more than three thousand or four thousand Liangqianqian. Xuzhou Kui mountain police station, said Peng friends, the suspect mainly choose to mountain car based, mountain bikes are more than 1 thousand yuan, there are individuals in the 4, 5 thousand, rarely in the following $. Although the mountain bike is expensive, but the suspect was sold at a very low price, so very popular. Xi Peng introduced, the suspect theft of more than and 70 bicycles to mountain bikes, mountain bike theft he is selling at low prices, each car is generally sold for $more than and 100. Through the monitoring of the surrounding sections of the road, the police eventually locked the suspect Zhang, and recently arrested him. Currently, Zhang has been under criminal detention by the police, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: