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Yang Huanning: the beginning of the year to ensure production safety situation to prevent Qunsiqunshang – Beijing, Beijing, November 13, according to the work safety administration website news, November 9th to 12, party secretary, director of the State Administration of work safety Yang Huanning, deputy director of the party members, Li Zhaoqian members went to Hubei, supervision and inspection of production safety work, stressed the need to awake understanding the beginning the work of production safety situation facing the task, and enhance the sense of responsibility, sense of mission and sense of urgency, to carry out safety inspection work, promote the safety responsibility and prevention measures implemented to effectively prevent the occurrence of major accidents, ensure that the beginning of the end of production safety situation is stable. Small and medium enterprises is the weak link of safety supervision and difficulties, but also the focus of the inspection. In order to ensure the real problem can be found, really understand the situation, inspection teams take the "four noes two straight random checks, direct enterprises to carry out the inspection table. In Ezhou Haida Feed Co. Ltd., inspection group inspection found dust removal device of hidden dangers and workplace dust measures in place, requiring companies to further enhance awareness of security risks and take effective corrective measures to improve the plant process, to effectively eliminate hidden dangers. Hubei senstar Services Limited Liability Company Beverage Factory ammonia compressor room, inspection teams on-site spraying device to test the effect of wrong practices, according to the device, the water pressure is not enough not full coverage of the ammonia storage tank and liquid ammonia and saline refrigerant replacement, enterprises in accordance with the requirements of the safety standards require immediate rectification, ensure that the device can leak play a role. Tongshan County Heng Shi coal limited liability company mining license without replacement, safety production license, mine safety certificate has expired, and 60 thousand tons of 30 thousand tons of small coal mine expansion technical transformation project has not yet completed more than 10 years, the inspection team and please local government and regulatory departments to study the disposal opinions and strengthen supervision, the exit is closed resolutely close to exit, not in the "transition period", "withdrawal period" illegal mining of private dug and other illegal production behavior lead to accidents. In Hubei since the Polytron Technologies Inc, the inspection team asked the person in charge of the enterprise, no record of safety inspection of fire management in place and other issues for rectification, ensure the production of hazardous chemicals safety no danger of anything going wrong. Great efforts to prevent gas accidents, is the focus of the current work. Yang Huanning in Ezhou City, the new Miaozhen safety supervision station hidden investigation and management system construction research, through the information system, check the high-risk enterprises to self-examination, self change, self reported that the work of the city for more than 7 years is not larger and larger than the accident to be sure. Yang Huanning told, although the information system effects, the effect is good, but still need to adhere to the problem oriented, active as, in the full use of information technology at the same time, regulators should go deep into the factories and mines, on-site inspections, timely detection of information system to the problems existing in the inspection standard, self-examination, blocked any may lead to accidents vulnerability. During the inspection, Yang Huanning went to Hubei to listen to the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, the province’s production safety inspection and enforcement work of coal mine safety supervision report. Yang Huanning pointed out that Hubei Province, a wide range of industries, a large number of high-risk industries, the task of ensuring the safety of production.相关的主题文章: