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"I love you so" exposure Trailer nearly 200 million force made fashion – Sohu entertainment Li Xiaolu Jiang Jinfu affectionate on gorgeous urban love comedy audio-visual annual blockbuster "you love me so much, I want to be really" on the day before successfully completed, after entering the stage. The play by Li Xiaolu, starring Jiang Jinfu, Cao Bingkun, Jiang Yan, Liu Lili, Pang Hanchen, Cao Mengge, etc. Jiameng starring, since the shooting will gain ultra high degree of concern. "I love you so" recently released second beautiful version of the trailer, MV style shooting style fresh and beautiful, let more friends shouted, "I love you so" the city will play, the beauty of picture cry!" Has entered the post production of "you love me" did not broadcast the first fire, causing widespread concern inside and outside the industry. "I love you so" style fresh and beautiful fashion sense to the story of detonated fashion appearance is sharp tongued female writer and her sister numerous small meat fight "the model between love you so love me", with its all star, high Yan value actor configuration is now filled with ancient Xian Xia fantasy the TV screen brings a stream". Return to the urban drama love light, "" I will love you so many side down to earth a common set of characters in the play, or silly white sweet miss or overbearing warm man, through numerous stars vividly interpretation, and gorgeous fashion clothing collocation set firmly seize the audience’s heart. From a aesthetic version of the trailer is not difficult to see that, "I love you so" the crew spent a great mind to create a scene, and against each other in Zhichao and Yan high stars under the scene of the drama of harmonious aesthetic and fashion set, a new height is more beautiful. In the promo titles as an example, the fresh green lawn collocation beautiful romantic Ferris wheel, light is the empty mirror will give a "want to love impulse, Li Xiaolu Jiang Jinfu, the actress timely, two people looking at the shy smile, only one second will play the sweet love style description to the extreme. The same triggering hot and the gorgeous costumes, Yang Wujin Li Xiaolu played a second ago wearing occupation suit, a female writer style, the next second and put on women’s clothing of senior high school students, sense of youth burst table. Appear in the trailer the clothing of the number and brand wide, let a person like in fashion show, more netizens exclaimed "this is just the trailer! The film is in the end more beautiful!" There are a lot of viewers directly to the micro channel crew, asked the audience in the role of a costume with tips. Top shooting nearly 200 million heavily "you love me so much" lead like countless except in costume scenery under the foot of the time, and more recently the news that "I love you" so the funds of up to nearly 200 million, reaching a new level of the same type of TV drama. Such a mind and "nouveau riche" cast, won the unanimous point netizens praised "this attitude, such funds, I’m looking forward to this drama". Behind the exquisite aesthetic style, it is worth mentioning that the professional photography techniques. Through two clues interweave plot, colorful space scenes, props and costumes and jerky love and emotion of seamless connection, "I love you so" for the first time in urban light comedy works!相关的主题文章: