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Young people sick, how to lose their jobs – social – People’s family for Liu Lingli, these days feel like a roller coaster, things finally ushered in a turning point. The newspaper reported in August 19th "college female teachers cancer dismissal survey", August 20th, LanZhou JiaoTong University sent a work team to post College to investigate the matter. August 22nd, Bowen college issued a letter of apology, admitted that the college made a hasty decision to terminate the labor contract, it is inappropriate". On August 23rd, Bowen Dean door to apologize, families receive compensation. Recently, more than the original post college teachers to Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporters reflect, they like Liu Lingli, have been expelled from school because of illness, experience. Who will be the next "Liu Lingli", what should we do? From the nature of labor contract and termination of a completely different labor expert Liang Zhi believes that dismissal and termination of the labor contract is not a property of the problem: "fire" is a kind of administrative punishment, "labor contracts" is the treatment of labor relations by the employer." From this point of view, Bowen college did not do good to employees." He said, "the school is different from the general enterprise, is to give the student teaching place, social responsibility should be larger than other enterprises." He analyzed from a historical point of view, before the reform and opening up, the school is a public institution, is to refer to the state organs of the standard management. This allows some schools to continue some self righteous approach – as an administrative organ, feel the right to punish employees". What is the "fire behavior, is a kind of administrative means to treat past administrative organs of cadres and workers, for the lower levels of some subordinate units, including warning, demerit and dismissal sanction." Liang Zhi said. In his view, the relationship between the school and the hiring of teachers are labor relations, in the legal status is equal, not the past affiliation. He said: "with the expulsion of the form of dealing with the problem of Liu Lingli, the school’s practice is wrong in the law. The school is not an administrative organ, it can only deal with the labor law. But there are a lot of similar phenomena in the society, which is often abused by employers." Young people encounter similar things how to protect the rights of Shanxi University professor Sun Shuyun for many years engaged in labor and social security legal issues. In her view, similar to the case of Liu Lingli, there are many employers in the reality of labor contracts have agreed as an excuse to achieve the purpose of illegal. The contents of this contract is the "black clause", this is actually harm the interests of the laborers shall, to the employer has arbitrary interpretation of space. After a similar thing, young people can apply for labor arbitration, if not, you can sue." Her advice. In some media reports, Sun Shuyun observed a phenomenon: in the case of Liu Lingli, from labor arbitration to the court of first instance to the second instance, the whole process takes more than a year. Until Liu Lingli died, the school did not perform the sentence相关的主题文章: