Yunnan, Zhaotong, a speeding car crashed into the walls of the school office even injured 10 people helmet怎么读

Yunnan, Zhaotong, a speeding car crashed into the walls of the school office and even injured 10 people – a few teachers in the school office is a meeting, suddenly rushed into a fast car…… Yesterday afternoon at 4:10 PM, Zhaotong city Zhaoyang District Phoenix Office of ICBC hope primary school (the original courtyard of the village primary school) a traffic accident, a runaway car broke through the school has not stopped until after the steel wall, rushed into the administration office. During the course of the meeting, 6 teachers, two students and two students to clean up the child’s parents were injured. Fortunately, 10 injured were not life-threatening. "It was an accident, and I’ll keep an eye on the car." At 7:40 at night, the driver said the incident, Zhao Bingquan is still suffering from the shock on the phone. He said that last year Ludian "8? 03" earthquake, the original building became the primary school damaged D level dangerous, after being removed in a timely manner. In order to guarantee the normal teaching, the Education Bureau of Zhaoyang District coordination, a sports venues of the school from the Zhaotong sports school, he took the workers, set up the activities of the board. The day of the incident at 3 pm, he drove his TOYOTA car came to the school, ready to handle the remaining project procedures. At 4:10 in the afternoon, the car stopped at the school fence outside Zhao Bingquan ready to drive away, I did not expect just the ignition, the car throttle lock, brakes, then go straight down, two shuttle students parents, then open up a wall of the school, then all the way into the school, wipe down two pupils, then rushed into the the school administration office stopped, killing 6 teachers, two students and two parents were injured. At present, 10 injured have been out of danger, treat the injured, the reopening of schools, such as the aftermath of the accident hidden danger still in an orderly manner. Spring City Evening News reporter Shen Shixun相关的主题文章: