Yunnan Zhenxiong Rokkan 3 children were wild bees attacked by a dead two injured in Beijing-lm3886

Yunnan Zhenxiong Rokkan 3 children were wild bees attacked by a dead two injured – Beijing in September 11th, three children in Zhenxiong village two group Rokkan village Liu Anchang was stung by the roadside wild bees, 9 year old daughter Xiao Yan (a pseudonym) died, 11 year old son small (a pseudonym) and 7 year old small son Xiaopeng (a pseudonym) seriously injured. Liu Anchang on the phone, the 11 day at 11 am, with a small little sister and brother Yan Zhen Feng Road plum Xiaopeng to gas station to the village 100 meters roadside pick melons, unfortunately by the roadside thorns jungle wild bee sting. Due to a serious injury, three people were sent to the local villagers Rokkan hospital rescue. The 1 hours of work in the county, Liu was rushed to the hospital often rokkan. Around 2 pm, with three children in serious condition, while Liu Anchang call 120 for help, while a three children rushed to the county people’s hospital. Driving on the way, they met 120 ambulances, after a medical examination, Xiao Yan has died, small and Xiaopeng was promptly sent to the county people’s hospital. 10 o’clock that night, the children were seriously injured due to emergency transfer to the people’s Hospital of Bijie City, Guizhou rescue. At present, the small and small ROC after the rescue, the condition has improved, but still not out of danger. According to Liu Anchang said, 6 years ago, his wife ran, with their 3 children and the elderly to live together, the home of the poor, now two children need at least 50 thousand yuan in order to ensure the basic treatment, he doesn’t know how to face the need to treat the child. City Times reporter Pang Jiguang相关的主题文章: