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Zhang Jie concert play dummy challenge the audience He Jiong Zhang Jie to steal the spotlight recently, popular global challenges # Chinese # dummy swept rapidly in seconds, set off a wave of boom all the people involved. The game requires participants to put any kind of theatrical gestures, do not blink, silent, motionless, like a mannequin. In November 27th, I want to # World Tour Concert in # Zhang Jie [micro-blog]2016, popular singer Zhang Jie is to play God’s creative, singing in the frame, let a person as the acme of perfection! During the concert, Zhang Jie not only led to the stage of the guitarist, Beth hands and other staff to participate in the challenge even the dummy, the audience is also involved. In the VIP spectator, also discovered a "happy camp" headed over He Jiong [micro-blog] figure, played a "dummy challenge" where the teacher is in the Zhang Jie micro-blog message said: "ha ha ha ha ha ha we fake good success!" Some netizens said, "this is the biggest I have seen scenes of dummy challenges, the number of participants may have broken the record of dummy challenges." From the beginning of November 24th, the second joint Sina micro-blog off the national "dummy challenge" boom, Wu Yifan, Tony Leung, Tang Yan [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Deng Ziqi, Jike Juan Yi [micro-blog], Wei Chen [micro-blog], Yu Haoming [micro-blog], Ouyang Nana [micro-blog] and other dozens of artists have been involved in participating in the challenge the artist is the brain hole wide open, fixed in a variety of dramatic Pose. Up to now, the topic of reading volume exceeded 600 million micro-blog, the propagation speed is amazing! The second shot on the challenge of video playback only one day break million, dummy challenges in 2016 is expected to become the most popular national carnival entertainment event. It is reported that the "dummy challenge" is the Florida high school students launched the first emerged in the social networking site twitter. In this challenge not only students, American football NFL Pittsburgh iron man and the United States NBA Milwaukee Bucks team, even also attracted former U.S. President lady Michel Obama and other celebrities have joined the challenge, to take video interaction with friends. The second "dummy challenge" similar to childhood burst Games "123 wooden", have a very high mass base in china. With the ice bucket challenge freeze "play compared, interesting and challenging, but also people can also participate in, at present, all the people involved in the trend. A line by the stars and friends highly sought after in the second, we have to upload their own dummy video challenge, show different moments! (commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: