Zhoukou 7 year old boy suffering from rare diseases, fever after a stop-diqua

Zhoukou 7 year old boy suffering from a rare disease drug stopped on the evening news reporter Ma Zhiwei have a fever the Washington Shangshui boy Fan Yule at the age of 7, suffering from disease, drug stops have a fever, now 5 years. "I want to get better and go to school as much as my peers do." In November 2nd, Fan Yule told the Zhoukou evening news reporter. The 12 year old Fan Yule, who lives in the natural Fan Zhuang Cun Zhang Zhuang Xing Zheng Cun Ji Xiang Yao Shangshui county. He was smart and learned. He was in grade four in primary school at the age of 7, and he had a good academic record. One day in November 2011, van Yule suddenly launched a high fever. His father took him to the village clinics, township hospitals, county hospitals and Zhoukou hospitals, the cause of the disease has not been identified. After being hospitalized in Zhengzhou for a while, the doctor advised his family to take him to Beijing for treatment. After the inspection, Beijing experts said that this disease is a rare rheumatic diseases, children less than 1/10000. Fan Yule hospitalized in Beijing for more than 1 months, the condition is still not under control. After illness, fan did not go to school again. Because of the medical expenses are too high, but the father took Fan Yule back to the home to Zhengzhou Shangshui, monthly injections timing control condition. Fan Yule’s father said: "the experts recommended the use of tocilizumab injection per month to 4, 2000 yuan each. This medicine is effective, but when the medicine stops, his son still has fever. After his son’s illness, the civil affairs department gave him a minimum living allowance, 4000 yuan was reimbursed for the serious illness relief, but it has already spent three hundred and forty thousand yuan for his son to see a doctor. It is difficult for the family to bear the burden and hope that the relevant departments and the caring people will give him a hand." (Zhoukou Evening News)

周口7岁男孩患上罕见病 药物一停就发烧晚报记者 马治卫 文 图本报讯 商水男孩范雨乐7岁时患上怪病,药物一停就发烧,如今已经5年。“我希望自己快点儿好起来,能与同龄人一样继续上学。”11月2日,范雨乐告诉周口晚报记者。范雨乐今年12岁,家住商水县姚集乡张庄行政村范庄自然村。聪明好学的他,7岁时已经上了小学四年级,而且学习成绩很好。2011年11月的一天,范雨乐突然发起高烧。父亲先后带他到村诊所、乡卫生院、县医院和周口市的医院就诊,病因一直没有查明。在郑州住院治疗一段时间后,医生建议其家人带他到北京治疗。经过检查,北京专家说,这种病是罕见的风湿类疾病,儿童发病率不到万分之一。范雨乐在北京住院治疗1个多月,病情仍得不到控制。患病后,范雨乐就没有再上学。由于医药费过高,父亲无奈带着范雨乐回到商水老家,每月到郑州定时打针控制病情。范雨乐的父亲说:“专家推荐使用的托珠单抗注射液每月需要4支,每支2000元。这种药确实有效,但药一停儿子还是发烧。儿子患病后,民政部门给他办了低保,大病救助报销了4000元,但给儿子看病已经花了三十四万元,家里实在难以承受,希望有关部门和爱心人士伸出援手。”(周口晚报)相关的主题文章: